Green Card Renewal (Form I-90)

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The Green Card is a critical document with which you can ensure that you travel internationally and your employment eligibility in the U.S. does not get hampered.

Form I-90 is the application to renew/replace Permanent Resident Card.

When to fill Form I-90

You need to file Form I-90, when

  • Your green card is expired
  • You have lost your green card
  • Your green card is stolen
  • Your green card has been destroyed or damaged
  • Your green card was issued but you haven’t received
  • Your green card contains incorrect information
  • You have legally changed your name or any other personal information
  • You have been converted to a permanent resident status
  • You are a commuter wishing to take up residence in the US
  • You are a minor – that is you are 14 years old and your green card is about to expire before or after your 16th Birthday
Green Card Renewal Application Process

The Green Card Renewal application process requires one to file and submit the USCIS Form I-90. Though not tedious, it requires careful reading and filling the application diligently.
Because, any issue such as spelling mistakes, providing incorrect information knowingly or unknowingly will result in serious trouble, apart from delays in the application. Hence, it is always better to fill the green card renewal application Form I-90 in a very careful manner.

Smart Fill Your Form I-90 to Replace/Renew Green Card

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Fee Details
  • Online Preparation Fee : $99
  • USCIS Processing Fee : $455
  • Biometrics Fee : $85